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The Evangelical Office of the Public Square represents a growing consortium of Biblically-focused, Holy Spirit driven, evangelical Christians.  Together, we attempt to bring both a Biblical worldview and a passion for public life to our work.  We are unapologetic Jesus-followers, and believe the political conversation in

Canada benefits from both the full scope of the Biblical witness, and from an open public square where socially conservative values can be discussed candidly, and at length.  We pray for our public leaders.  We advocate for religious freedom.   We seek to inform. We seek to engage the court of public opinion. With this in mind, we provide independent political and social perspective to our North American context—  from a decidedly Christian and Canadian vantage-point. We think. We debate. We exhort.  Where necessary, we even rebuke. Mostly, however, we encourage all manner of concerned Christians to engage Canadian civil society with the truth that sets us truly free.  


David MacKenzie is an ordained Congregationalist pastor, author, and columnist for Rebel Media in Canada.  He was born and raised in British Columbia, and has lived with his wife and children in the greater Edmonton area of Alberta for 18 years.  He holds a Bachelor of Arts (History) from the University of British Columbia, a Bachelor of Theology from McGill University, a Master’s of Divinity degree from United Theological College in Montreal, and a Master of Arts in Governance and Political Theory from Regent University in Virginia. With years of experience as a designated evangelical pastor within a liberal mainline church, as well as his work (since 2000) in the evangelical community, David brings a love for Biblical principle, for integrated living by the Holy’s Spirit’s graces, and a desire for all manner of Biblically-conservative Christians to intentionally engage our culture with a care that emphasizes the truth in Christ.  Like Jesus, we, too, will bear our respective crosses in the civic arena— in public.  Hence, David describes his particular ministry focus as somewhere between “public herald” and “socio-prophetic” teacher.    With the support of a small consortium of evangelical and charismatic pastors in Edmonton, David helped found the Evangelical Office of the Public Square in November of 2015— dedicated to encouraging informed conservative Christians to face the court of public opinion in Canada (and beyond) with boldness and unapologetic commitment to Jesus Christ.   

David MacKenzie

Executive Director/Spokesperson

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Our Board of Directors is currently being formed.

Names and bios will be posted when the board is finalized.

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